All of our classes are designed to push your fitness to your personal limit. We've designed our programs to fit all levels, beginners and experts.

Our heart rate system is developed and  designed to maximize fat burn, it's that simple.


What to expect from our program

  • Burn Fat during and after your workout; up to 24 hours after class

  • Burn up to 800 calories each class (that's over a pound of fat per week)

  • Muscle Confusion will allow you to always be challenged to change your body.

  • Shrink your waistline, lose your love handles and burn unwanted belly fat.

  • Get more energy and increase your metabolism.

  • Multiple class times  all day long, different classes daily all 60 minutes long.


Each of our classes are rated by levels and ratings. Levels will indicate the expected intensity of each class and the Fitness rating will let you know how many of the 5 components of fitness the class covers. Those components are; Strength... Conditioning... Balance... Core... and Flexibility.


Memberships include access to ALL of our Amazing classes...

Have a favorite? Individual class memberships are available as well.



Muscle, Cardio and Core is what the equation is all about... We use suspension training to keep your muscles confused and always growing and changing. Making them leaner, stronger and more flexible. A healthy heart is always the end goal and we make healthy hearts through a balance of high and low intensity cardio exercises. Core is the foundation of any balanced body and we get your core stronger with every class.


Level Class: Moderate to Medium intensity

Fitness Rating: This is a 5 star class





There's working out,  boot camp, and exercising... Then there's COMBAT... Have a blast with this 60 minute intense workout that will challenge your fitness, strength and will. Any fitness level can start and join this class ad have an amazing time doing it. Combat is your next fitness challenge.

Level Class: High Intensity

Fitness Rating: This is a 5 star Class



This class has the lower body workout of a traditional Kickboxing class, mixed with the upper body and conditioning of a boxing regiment, topped off with the core, balance and intensity of a mixed martial arts program. Any one can jump right in and start on this fun, upbeat, high paced class.

Level Class: Medium to High intensity

Fitness Rating: This is a 5 star class


Ready to burn some serious calories and get in GREAT shape? Then this is the class for you. Use your entire body during this cardio workout, challenge your heart rate, shape your legs and burn that unwanted belly fat. Run, row, ride, crawl and jump your heart rate up with BURN.

Level Class: Medium to High intensity

Fitness Rating: This is a 5 star class

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